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Router settings
Hi everybody,

I am a new user of Ziggo and I need your help. My router Sitecom 54g Turbo. I'd like to configure it. When I go to, a user name and a password are needed. I know that usually, it is admin, but there it doesn't work; Could someone help me ?

Thanks !
Is your sitecom a new one or a used one. In case of a used one the password could be changed by it's previous owner. Jus find the reset button and keep it pushed for about 20 seconds. That will reset the router to factory defaults (including passwords)
Kies BBcode image, plak in handtekening.

It is a new one. I have already tried to reset it. Normally username and password are admin/admin, but it does'nt work....Shock
What is your type number?

Kies BBcode image, plak in handtekening.

It is the WL-173. A CD was provided also to install the router, including all the instructions for use in pdf file. It is advised to push the button reset for at least 4sec to obtain the factory settings (as you told me previously), and that the username and password were admin/admin.
I don't what to do. With Alicebox and Livebox, I had no problem !Angry
One final suggestion to make sure your modem isn't the troublemaker.

Unplug your modem, just connect the router to your pc and try again.

If this won't work I guess your router is broke. Return it to the store. I had some bad experiances too with sitecom, I returned it to the store and bought a linksys. Trouble free performance.
I use a Sitecom WL312 router myself. When I connected it to the Ziggo modem, I reset it and cloned the PC MAC to the router. Also use Internet Explorer to configure the router. It might not work with other browsers.
If no one changed the username/password admin/admin (case sensitive!) should work. If it doesn't I would return it to your supplier.
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