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Ziggo modems?
Apologies for writing in English but my Dutch is pretty awful!

I've had the Ziggo Alles in 1 Extra package for close to 3 years and, when I had it installed, I got a Motorola SBV512 modem. However, I just heard from a colleague the other day that the Alles in 1 Extra package has gone up to 120mb (I think it was 20mb when I signed up).

However, the modem I have is not capable of such high speeds - I currently get about 17-19mb if I speed test it - and so I contacted Ziggo to ask about the new wi-fi modem but they told me that I'll only get a new modem when it needs replacing. So I was wondering where I can buy a modem capable of taking advantage of the speed I have...

It seems a bit silly that I am paying 18 euros more per month than the Alles in 1 Plus Package and yet getting half the speed!
Just wait for a thunderstorm, unplug the cable modem and call the helpdesk and let them know your cable modem got zapped by lightning.
Kies BBcode image, plak in handtekening.

With Ai1E (120Mb down, 10 Mb up) you should be eligible for a free replacement of your modem. Hopefully a member of Ziggo WebCare team will come along shortly to clear things up. Did you receive a letter from Ziggo stating that your internet speed was (to be) increased?

Ziggo started last year to upgrade their network for the 120Mb/10Mb speeds (Euro-DOCSIS 3.0). New customers will get a modem capable of these speeds (Ubee). A few weeks ago they switched to another Ubee modem with build-in WiFi/Router.

Keep in mind even the fastest 802.11N WiFi will struggle to keep up with 120Mb/s. You will be MUCH better off with a wired (Cat.6 cables) Ubee cable-modem and attach a Gigabit router yourself (I used a DLink DIR-655) and reached download speeds of over 125Mb/s on my gigabit LAN) before I started getting speed problems. I am now back on my ADSL line, which is more than enough for me and costs a shipload money less.
My location was switched to the higher speeds in oct 2010.
It began to exhibit problem feb 2011 (d/l speed dropped to below 20Mb sometimes), so I cancelled my subscription and switched to my ADSL line again. I might sign up later this year again and get new and better equipment (HD DVBC receiver and modem) from Ziggo.

If they won't give you (and I do mean give) a better modem, cancel the subscription and sign back up again a few weeks later.Being a "new" client you will get a Full HD capable Set Top box at a reduced price, AND a better cable modem/router Wink

You will probably need to return your old modem to Ziggo anyway.

I assume connecting them will not be a problem. It is easy enough, although they do offer a free installation by one of their technicians

It could be you still have the old speeds. Upgrading is still ongoing until Sept. 2011.

Good Luck!
Gewijzigd door MaXMhZ op 13-06-2011 22:44
Hi Oliver,

If you can send your customer number in a private message then I will have a look at you account an status of the new modem.

Ziggo webcare Alex

Edit 1: Voor je aangepast Alex Groet Undertaker.
Gewijzigd door Undertaker op 14-06-2011 15:04


Ziggo-WebCare_Alex schreef:

Hi MaXMhZ,

If you can send your customer number in a private message then I will have a look at you account an status of the new modem.

Ziggo webcare Alex

Hi Alex.

Dank voor het aanbod, maar ik heb geen Ziggo abonement meer. (en geen Cogas kabel). Ik gebruik nu ADSL en heb mijn modem retour Ziggo gestuurd omdat het eigendom van Ziggo blijft. Een vervangend modem is niet nodig. Oliver vroeg hier wel om, om te zien of hij dan 120Mb/10 Mb haalt. Misschien dat hij je zijn gegevens in een PB kan sturen.
Alex, ben je vandaag een beetje de weg kwijt? Grin
Bij mij namelijk ook al een totaal van de vraag afwijkend antwoord.
Tis wel maandag he CoolPfft
You cannot be a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa (Jeremy Clarcson)
Hahahaaaha, ja idd, als je het zo bekijkt, zo voelt het wel vandaag.
Was in mijn geval een spraakverwarring, alles al weer onder control. Grin
Phew ik ff blij dat ik goed uitgeslapen heb en dat alle fouten door anderen gemaakt zijn,anders had ik het allemaal fout gedaan,whahahahahahahaha
Met vriendelijke groet, MisterSenseo

De dokter zei dat ik aan MPS lijd maar wij vinden van niet hoor !
Geen fouten, er liepen wat gelijksoortige, maar dan toch weer niet, door elkaar heen.
De verwarring was nog begrijpelijk ook, vandaar. Wink Alex heeft meer te doen dan alleen
hier de helpende hand toesteken. Smile
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