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Need help with Port Forwarding
sorry for speaking in english, but i don't know dutch.

I have a ziggo EVW321B modem router, and i can't open port 27015 that i need for a cs server.

here are screens of settings and tests.




Can you please help me?

ps: i don't know if i've posted this on the correct sub forum, if not, please some admin move it to right place.
Black Tiger
Hello Cachirro.

Welcome to the forums. It's no problem that you write English, most of us can also help you in English.

As you might know cs is illegal, also in this country, but helping with a forward is not, so I will help you with that, also because I've also a good knowledge of satellite stuff and cs. Smile

However I have some questions since your setup is lookin good.
1.) What are you using as server, Oscam or CCcam or something else?
2.) Did you check on your server that it indeed got as ip address?
3.) Did you check that the cs is indeed running?
4.) Do you only have the Ubee or are you using another router behind it?
5.) Are you running cs on your receiver or on a linux server?
Greetings, Black Tiger
The forward rules are correct. You also must make sure the firewall is set on 'low'. Even explicit forwarded ports are blocked at a higher setting.

If is still does not work, the problem must be further up in the network or in the server itself.
It might not be satellite related but for a counter strike server.
Kies BBcode image, plak in handtekening.

Black Tiger
CounterStrike? Yes that might be possible too.Smile

Thank you for the addition Briolet, I don't have a Ubee so i didn't know that was necessary.
Greetings, Black Tiger
Sorry for late reply.

i got a bit dazzle when i've read "cs is illegal", but reading the next posts, i believe we are talking about different cs meanings.

my bad is there is something other cs term i didn't know of, what i meant is counter strike global offensive, to be more exact.

so, if the rule is correct, and router firewall was already set to low, and windows firewall also has the ports open either incoming and outgoing, server works fine because i can enter (i'm on some lan, but outside users can't enter).

what can i do?
i believe the router is not open, like http://www.canyouseeme.org reports, the port can't be reached.

Thanks for helping.

i've disabled router firewall, no success
created a rule in "port triggers", no success
disabled windows firewall, no success
put machine on dmz, no success
no matter what, the port is always closed
Gewijzigd door cachirro op 07-09-2014 16:11
well, this is a bit ridiculous, because:

after doing all that, pretty much all was off, there should be no reason for the ports to be locked, so even all test (in 3 different sites) said the ports were closed, i asked a friend to test, and what you know, he managed to get in the server.

to sum up the story, i've activated everything back on, put the router in the same state, just with port forward, and it all works now, where with the exact same settings before it didn't.

ports still report as closed, this is all very strange, but, it is working, don't know why, but it is.

Thank you all.
Black Tiger
Yes you are correct, there are different meanings of CS and I used the other meaning and did not think of Counterstrike. But no problem, that misunderstanding is fixed now. Smile

So can you see mee said it was closed but still your friend could get in? That's streange indeed.


created a rule in "port triggers", no success

You normally should not use this, better is to use port forwarding. Also if you use both trigger and forwarding for the same port (if possible) it can cause some strange behaviour.

What you can do is give a try at http://www.grc.com if you want. They also have port testing feature somewhere in there.
Probabely its: https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2
look for the "Shields Up" there you can test ports.
They got 3 result options.
Closed = closed
Open = open
Stealth = port is forwarded (open) but invisible, which sometimes means the server application is not running.

I don't know if canyouseeme.org also has this feature.
Greetings, Black Tiger
ShieldsUp gives interesting results. I have forwarded 4 ports from a range to my server. Of those 4 ports, 2 have a region blockage in the servers firewall to only allow Dutch traffic.

The 2 ports with a region blockage are reported as stealth. (the test-site is outside of the region)
The other 2 ports are listed as open.
All other ports in the range are listed as blocked.

Nothing unexpected though, only a confirmation my firewall works as intended.


@cachirro: good to hear that the server is working, despite the testsites claim the ports are closed.

Port triggers are only needed in special situations, were the initial connection is set up from within your network. And that is not the case with you.
well, i have it working now, so i won't bother anymore trying to understand Pfft
i just have the port forward rule, some tests say closed, that other one says stealth.

thank you all for your time.
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