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TC7200 ... VPN Connection

I just received my TC7200 modem and for my work I need to connect to my company VPN.
After many configurations on the modem interface :
* Disable Firewall
* Port Forwarding (cf screen)

I still have error 800 while connecting to the VPN.

If I hardcode PPTP for my VPN connection, I get an error 807.

If someone know how to fix it ...

Thank you very much

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I don`t use any portforwarding for my vpn connection,
maybee you can put your computer witch you use with vpn, in DMZ

Senior Engineer bij ziggo regio south

cisco 8485
samsung ue40cXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Black Tiger
You could try DMZ indeed.

Did you also have the same issue if you try to temporary disable all antivirus- and firewall on your computer?
Greetings, Black Tiger
Indeed in the past (when I was in France) I never had to use any port forwarding configuration

What do you mean by : you could try DMZ ?

TC7200 interface is very light ... I even cant configure the TC7200 firewall rules : just set Off / Light / Medium / High

On the TC7200 : Firewall Off
On my computer : Firewall Off

And I do not use any AV.

Thank you very much.

In fact,

When I go ion this page : http://screenshots.portforward.com/routers/Technicolor/TC7200/Advanced_Options.htm

I just have : WAN Blocking ...
I do not have other options displayed.

Hmmm ...
Black Tiger
If I go to the link you provide, I see DMZ host in that screenshot.

If you don't see anything there, I wonder if your TC is not in bridge mode (modem only mode).
Greetings, Black Tiger
Yes this is what I say.

On my version, I do not have DMZ not any other options ...
This is my version of the Advanced Panel :


no DMZ entry on the left.
and when I go under Options : ONLY WAN blocking option.
Black Tiger
That's odd. If it's not present in one of the other options, something is wrong. Maybe best is to call Ziggo helpdesk to notify there is no DMZ option in your modem.
I just had a look at the manual, and it should be where it was in the link you gave, so something is not correct in your modem.
Greetings, Black Tiger
I do not think nor portforwarding or DMZ will help.
If you cannot check/control the PPTP passthrough option in the TC7200, I would seriously consider to let put the router in bridge mode and provide you're own router behind it.
You will lose access to Ziggo wifispots however.
Btw. Have you checked you still are on IPV4 ? Or maybe you are already on IPV6 .... If so, it would make sense that the options would disappear. I do not know what consequences there are in using IPV6 in regards to PPTP/VPN
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